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Wild Boar Beard Company is committed to providing high quality products to all our customers. Read some of the reviews they’ve sent to learn more about what we have to offer. 


"I’m not even sure what my face looks like anymore without a beard.  I’ve had pretty much every style imaginable over the years.  One thing that I can tell you is that no matter how my beard changes, the oil I use to condition it will stay the same.  This beard oil feels great and above all is long lasting.  My lady can still smell it’s intoxicating scent during a welcome home kiss after a long day of work.  I can’t recommend this product enough!!!  Try it and see what you’re missing!!!!"


"I have used Beard oils and balms daily for a couple years now and have tried many different brands / types. Wild Boar is on the top of that list. I love that you use natural oils and ingredients in the products. I use the balm in the mornings after I shower for shape and softness. The Cuban Tobacco scent is a pleasant smell and not too strong. It shapes and holds my beard in place well. Very easy to get out of the container and dissolves nicely when you rub your hands together. In the past I have always used beard oil at night to keep my beard hydrated and soft. The whipped beard butter replaced that. It was perfect for keeping my skin and beard moisturized and soft. I like that its not too greasy and it feels and smells good on my face. I would recommend Wild Boar products to anyone with a beard."


"The shampoo and oil combo is great. After using them my beard went from a backwoods 1870's prospector to a Sommelier. Not the snooty French kind but one you'd actually want to hang out with. The shampoo has a nice masculine scent without being overpowering. And the oil gives you a sweet and salty top layer that ties it all together. Great stuff."


"This stuff is so great!  Love the smell and it makes my beard so soft.   Great product' PS my 5 year old loves the mustache carving.  Nice touch:)"

Thom B.

"Great products! Wonderful scents! I find myself shaving twice a day just so I can enjoy the shave gel in the middle of the day. My wife LOVES the beard oil and has quit complaining about my rough beard on her skin.  Can't wait to try more."


"I have used quite a few beard balms, and this one is a great example of a beard balm that doesn't leave my beard feeling over saturated with oil, but still aromatic (without being too powerful), and able to hold my beard in place. I am currently using the Cuban Tobacco, which has a rich aroma that captures all the pleasant aspects of a hearty tobacco leaf. This is something I have notices other brands have difficulty with, and sometimes they merely smell of spices, while Wild Board Beard co. captures the ole' timey aromas perfectly."


"With opposite schedules limiting our one on one time, I thought that our romantic life had all but come and gone. With the use of Wild Boar Beard Butter, the spark of light in her eyes sparked a new fire in the bedroom. Move over oysters, beard butter is the new aphrodisiac."


"I am always looking for a conditioner that smells good and adds body and control and softness to my beard.  I enjoy hearing comments of, “You smell good,” and for those who like to stroke my beard, “Your beard is so soft.”  I used the 3 in 1 bar of soap followed by the Moringa Seed Oil conditioner.  I liked how it smelled and felt, and I immediately had those comments I’m always looking for…….. GOOD STUFF"