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Shampoo Bar No Lye

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 Beyond all the environmental and travel benefits of a solid shampoo bar, let's talk lye-free and SLS free.  Who cares?  WE DO, and so does your beard and hair.  SLS creates big lovely bubbles.  Wonderful!  Right?  Wrong!  It's also is a known skin and hair irritant that can pull out nutrients, moisture,and minerals - everything needed for a healthy beard and hair.  Our Lye-Free, SLS free shampoo bar will also create large wonderful bubbles derived from hair loving coconut.  Ahhh - much better.

Want to kick start your beard growth?  We also offer this great lye-free bar with caffeine!  A real friend when it comes to adding shine, strengthening the hair follicles and stimulating growth.  Order the mocha color if you'd like to try this great bar with caffeine.