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Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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Your key to an enviable beard!  Includes the nutritive benefits of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe extract, vitamin E oil and to our knowledge, the only beard oil that contains  Australian Kunzea oil, an added conditioner for beard and skin   All combined in a proprietary blend to deliver the quality you deserve. Good for the beard, the skin, and the spirit.  In a variety of scents to suit your mood and your personality. Comes in a great looking gift box. Check out our peachwood beard comb . Now...go be awesome!


"Being of Mediterranean descent, my beard never stops growing. The beard oil is so concentrated that you can use a tiny amount every day, look great, feel great, and have a lot more left for days to come. I’m super excited to try out some new scents of beard oil and other products listed on their site. Winter is coming and my face needs to be ready for it!"


"I recently tried Wild Boar Beard Oil. I I was surprised at how thick and luxurious it is. I used 3-4 drops for my beard. My beard instantly became very soft and touchable. The fragrance of the oil was light and pleasant. I found that wearing my Covid mask became enjoyable because of the fragrance. I strongly recommend this product because the experience is so worthwhile"